Bubba and Cleetus excellent adventure begins

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Bubba & Cleetus

It is never too late! That’s what our friends told us when we complained that we were too old, too slow and definitely too late to blog (if that’s what it is still called). Who starts a blog in 2010, we study entrepreneurship “the art of emergence” and still we want to jump on the train now? Hi, I’m Bubba, I’m a blog laggard.* Still, there are so many mind bending things going on in the world of social entrepreneurship and sometimes it is nice to have a forum for thoughts that does not involve academic peer-review, difficult journal editors and methodological nitpicking. So we are open for business.

B & C

*According to Rogers model for adoption and diffusion of innovations, laggards are “traditional people, caring for ‘the old way’, are critical towards new ideas and will only accept it if the new idea has become mainstream or even tradition”


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