Posted: June 22, 2010 in Bubba posts

There is now a Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, the first issue recently landed and Editor Alex Nicholls summarizes:

“In a Kuhnian sense, social entrepreneurship is still in a pre-paradigmatic state of development as a legitimate field of ‘scientific’ study. There is little consensus as yet over the key research questions, appropriate methodologies, available data sets, or theoretical perspectives most suitable to identify and analyze social entrepreneurship. This is evidenced by the nature of much of the research to date on the subject that has entailed a good deal of debate over definitions and boundaries (much of it inconclusive) and extensive case study style analysis (and no little hero worship) but much less in the way of either large scale empirical analysis or rigorous theoretical development. As a consequence, social entrepreneurship in its pre-paradigm state suffers from the intellectual and resource constraints typically associated with early stage academic field development.”

Very well said, now deliver. See for yourself, all the papers in issue 1(1) are free to download.



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