Vision and mission

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Bubba posts

Yesterday I discussed vision and mission, and their application in nonprofit entrepreneurship. An organization’s vision is all about what is possible, all about that potential whereas the mission is what it takes to make that vision come true. Vision is a central component for the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship but from an organizational perspective a mission will be equally important. At some point they meet, the entrepreneur and the organization, and too often the (often self-proclaimed) entrepreneur just leave the vision “floating” making it virtually impossible for anyone else to figure out what the organization is actually doing. The purpose of yesterday’s seminar was to revisit the significance of both vision and mission in nonprofit organizational life. To date, little research has been devoted to this issue, especially in terms of understanding nonprofit entrepreneurial success. For our discussion I used the Swedish organization Charity International:

“Charity International is a politically and religiously independent organization. It is the first and currently the only utilitarian organization in the world. Utilitarianism is a moral theory with the purpose of creating the happiest world possible.”

“At Charity International, we believe that change guided by utilitarianism. According to utilitarianism, all actions should be made in an effort to make the best possible consequences, not just about the consequences for us living now, but also for coming generations. For this reason, maintaining a healthy environment ranks high on our agenda. Other areas that we may put resources into are the fight against starvation, torture, animal abuse, and oppression.”

“In Charity, we wish to expand this way of thinking, so that as many people as possible will act responsibly and carefully, in order to create the greatest benefit for humans, animals, and the environment.”

The seminar participants then answered the following questions: Is this organization entrepreneurial? How would you formulate a mission for this organization? Will it be successful? Interestingly, 94% believed that the organization will fail.



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