Entrepreneurial policy

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Bubba posts

Can government play a proactive role in stimulating entrepreneurship? We debated this issue in Texas recently and given the current political “more stimulus vs. deficit reduction” discussion it was interesting to observe the inconsistency in many of the arguments. I do not believe in discrete entrepreneurship policy just as universities cannot teach student to be entrepreneurs. Still, we can utilize public policy to generate an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship. There is some interesting research discussing this topic but in less than two seconds there were people arguing that I paved the way to socialism and that proactive government policy and the spending that comes with such policies are ineffective waste of taxpayer money. In other words, these people apparently prefer need driven entrepreneurship rather than opportunity driven entrepreneurship (that is a different discussion). However, the big question was “how are you going to pay for that?” and I suggested cutting military spending and all of a sudden spending is not bad after all because the same “ineffective waste”-people now try to convince me that there is some sort of causality between how much you spend on the military the more secure we become. I do not understand why we cannot discuss these matters without gut-based opinions destroying the conversation. Even CATO-members understand that an 86% increased in defense spending must be debated openly.

Most common phrase in the debate “In reality … (fill in argument)”



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