Our sources

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Bubba posts

Cleet and I checked which articles we have referred most often in our working papers, journal articles and presentations and here are the results.

1. Shane & Venkatarman (2000) The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research. The Academy of Management Review
2. Gartner (1985) A Conceptual Framework for Describing the Phenomenon of New Venture Creation. The Academy of Management Review
3. Mort, Weerawardena & Carnegie (2003) Social Entrepreneurship: Towards Conceptualisation. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing
4. Veblen (1898) Why is economics not an evolutionary science? The Quarterly Journal of Economics
5. Dahmén (1988) Development Blocks in Industrial Economics. Scandinavian Economic History Review

1. Hayek (1945) The Use of Knowledge in Society. The American Economic Review
2. Sarasvathy (2001) Causation and Effectuation: Toward a theoretical shift from economic inevitability to entrepreneurial contingency. The Academy of Management Review
3. Baker & Nelson (2005) Creating Something from Nothing: Resource Construction through Entrepreneurial Bricolage. Administrative Science Quarterly
4. Hannan & Freeman (1984) Structural Inertia and Organizational Change. American Sociological Review.
5. Porter (1981) The Contributions of Industrial Organization to Strategic Management. The Academy of Management Review
6. Rehn & Vachhani (2006) Innovation and the Post-Original: On Moral Stances and Reproduction. Creativity and Innovation Management

In addition there are several books that keep coming back but we’ll talk about that another day



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