Always the same people ….

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Bubba posts

I have now spent 2 hours listening to nonprofit executive directors discussing the possibilities of social media and a number of consultants claiming that social media is the tool for creating a more entrepreneurial nonprofit sector. After my ten minute presentation the jolly mood was gone and once again I got pointed at (I just don’t know why folks must point finger at me when they speak). My main point was that if new and different information is what these ED’s are looking for (using social media) to innovate, find new opportunities etc. they will not find any such information with their current practices. We can talk about the glory of the existing infrastructure for information hunting and sharing but these people only shares information with people they already know or want to know. Ethan Zuckerman calls this imaginary cosmopolitanism and Eli Pariser talks about filter bubbles that only connects us with what we like and want, not what is necessarily new and different. ED’s must break out from their invisible prisons by doing uncomfortable things but they must to so actively, not listening to another nonprofit consultant or talk to their friends, donors and clients. But there will be more fingers before that becomes a reality.



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