About Bubba & Cleetus

Who we are? Who cares, we are insignificant. Still, we’ll give you some info anyway.

Bubba J and Cleet are Ph.D. students at two small universities in the Midwest. Bubba primarily studies entrepreneurship, nonprofit management and organizational behavior whereas Cleet is more of an economically oriented sociologist but he too enjoys entrepreneurship.

Both are rednecks, enjoys Hank III, honky tonkin and BBQ. Other enjoyable things are (in no particular order): Veblen, beer, Austrian economics, the city of Chicago, Kaldi’s coffee, the Stockholm School of Growth, cowboy boots, theories about organizations and organizing (we like them all), “The External Control of Organizations”, basset hounds, Frank Knight, Erik Dahmen, Robert D. Herman, surfing …. we’ll add more later but you get the picture.